Art 4 Spirit Gallery

The Idyllic Art Realm of Cynthia Ré Robbins

125 Spring Street – Trolley Stop #84, across from Sweet Spring

Open Thur, Fri, Sat 10-5

Studio Hours: Call for Appointment 479-244-6746

The dream of local artist Cynthia Ré Robbins has materialized inside 700 square feet of a handsome historic building, filled almost entirely with her own artwork, at last exhibiting the scope of her talent in one place.

Robbins works in three main areas, hovering between fantasy and realism depending on her medium and subject matter. Using pen and ink, sometimes adding watercolor, she creates whimsical illustrations reminiscent of the fantasy books she loved in childhood. She also uses acrylic paints to create colorful images depicting flora and fauna, staying true to nature. But the magical aspect of her other work seems to find its way into her realism as well. Brought to life in a third medium, oil, her paintings shimmer with an inner luminosity in tropical worlds populated with mermaids, palms, dolphins.

If you love the magical quality of Eureka Springs, don’t miss Robbins’ paintings of local scenes being visited by mystical beings. She loves to depict our quaint cottages, and is busy working on a series of fanciful paintings of our “authentic storybook” village.

Take a little bit of Eureka Springs magic back home with you, to help you remember your time in this special place.